Claire Barclay Photography
Claire Barclay is a photographer specializing in visual marketing and luxury boudoir for women with ambition.


Amplify your Confidence. Catalyze Empowerment. Awaken Change.

As women, we tell ourselves these stories that, “I’ll be happy when I…” :
lose 10lbs / make more money / find love / am successful / buy those Christian Louboutins.

But confidence is the sexiest thing you can own.
It comes with power and an undeniable energy, so don’t let your goals stop you from being happy now.

You define you, so make yourself a priority because all you have is now.

Note: Your privacy is paramount and your images are strictly confidential and kept secure every step of the way.
My portfolio is comprised exclusively of images that my clients have voluntarily elected to share with you
because their experience made them feel that damn confident. None of these women are models by profession.